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Medaid general information

Everything you need to know about Medaid

Our History

Vlad and Veronika worked for years in the medical industry. Always seeking of ways how to help people, improve others life and help make a better society.

When they realized through years of experience that different companies lack some important keys to perform at the highest levels of integrity, they tried to change approach and transform management philosophy.

After facing multiple ignorance, they decide to establish their own company, which core values will place customer in the center of the attention. This is how Medaid was born.

Building Trust

From patient to patient, from case to case, from situation to situation we build our reputation. At Medaid we believe that it is a permanent process. Our reputation is every day job we perform at our best.

People are different, experts we deal with are very specific. Our goal is to match between each patient, case and available option so we can help patient get back to normal in an easiest way.

Sometimes we have to make tough calls and face hard choices. Since our reputation is the only thing we have, we continue to make decision with out customers in the center of the attention.

Improving Lives

At Medaid we do not rest until we know that our customer is happy. Many times curing disease, even most complicated one, is not end of the process.

We are happy to offer a wide range of alternative solutions, which help to rehabilitate after treatment process and smoothly lead patients back to normal life.

By the end of the day we do not want repeat customers. We want our customers to get their life back and live normal life, so they can only return to Israel as travelers and not patients.

Meet The Founders

The original Medaid team that keeps medical practices moving forward

Good luck to us!

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Dr. Veronika Tikhanovich

family physician

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

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Vlad Kovalev

General manager


Medical coordinator

We stand by our track record

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Our Philosophy and Values

Our first and main priority is always the wish of the customer. We always present optimal options for best treatment and at the same time respect what our patients and their family choose as the best for themselves

We make sure to find not just the best level of medical experts, but also most wise options in regards to your budget.

Organizing your arrival, making sure that all is set in the best and smoothest way for you is forever our important core value which allows us to be number one choice on the market of medical tourism in Israel

Prior to your arrival we gather all the analyzes and diagnostics information and make sure that nothing crucial is missing. Some analyzes might be outdated and some additional tests must be required prior to your arrival. When it is possible we will prefer that you perform those tests locally to save on time and on your expenses.

We make sure that 24/7 person available on the phone is there for you, speaking your language and understanding your needs.

Our core strengths




Visit preparations


Treatment Co-ordination


See what our patients are saying


Victor Krotov

Electrical Engineer

“I appreciate very much all the help I got from Medaid team. Veronika supported me all over treatment period and helped to overcome fears during a hard time. Today I can play football with my kids and my wife got me back. Thank you Veronika!!!”

September 2014

Marina Petrenko

Graphic Designer

“My doctor back in Odessa said I have probably 3 months to live. Medaid team disagreed and helped me to get my life back. Last month I finished my last chemo and cancer in this body. Now I can enjoy life and build family, I have so many plans for the future. Vlad and Veronika – thank you so very much”

January 2015

Andrey Dergach


“I had no time to be sick because deal of my life time was ahead of me. Medaid organized everything within 48 hours. Just in 5 days I was on the way home, healthy strong and ready to accomplish the most important deal for my business and family”

March 2015