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Assuta Medical Center, the largest leading medical center in Israel, provides cutting-edge medical services utilizing world-class technologies to achieve the best diagnostic and treatment results. The center is constantly implementing new medical and technological advancements, creating a high level of proficiency. Assuta clinics and hospitals are staffed by 1500 of the country’s leading physicians and specialists with many years of experience.

Assuta Medical Tourism Center works with patients from all over the world including Europe, the UK and the United States. The staff at Assuta is dedicated to making every step of your medical treatment as comfortable and stress-free as possible, including accompaniment throughout the process with a staff member fluent in your language.

Assuta’s Cardiosurgery Institute offers complex cardiology consultations, diagnostics, treatments and rehabilitation at Israel’s leading cardiology centers, including bypass surgery, valve replacement and aortic replacement surgery.

Cardiothoracic Surgery
Cardiac valve surgery Leading Israeli cardiosurgeons perform cardiac valve surgeries at Assuta, including repair and replacement of aortic valves, and repair and replacement of mitral valves.

Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) Modern CABG surgeries using the most advanced medical equipment are designed for the treatment of ischemic cardiac disease. Our highly qualified medical and nursing staff and world-class facilities at the medical center ensure an extremely high level of perioperative and postoperative care.

Cardiac Catheterization

Arterial occlusion is the main causes for angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, heart disorders, heart failure and death.
All types of diagnoses, treatments and surgical procedures are carried out by Israel’s leading cardiologists in Assuta’s catheterization departments, using the most advanced medical equipment.
Our catheterization departments are among the largest in Israel, with 5,000 diagnosis catheterization and treatment procedures performed each year.
Every procedure is performed by two experienced doctors.

Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization
During this procedure, the location and shape of arterial occlusions are identified and diagnosed, and the acuteness and treatment options evaluated.

Cardiac Catheterization
During this procedure, coronary arteries are unblocked and opened up by the removal of the occlusion. This can be achieved by a number of techniques:.
“Balloon” catheterization – P.C.T.A. – the use of a catheter to inflate a balloon at the location of the occlusion.
Stent catheterization – placing a metal coil in the location of the constriction.
“Spider stent” – a stent that gradually secretes medication to prevent further constriction and reduces the risk of a recurrent occlusion.
Cardiac catheterization is often performed immediately after a Diagnostic Cardiac catheterization procedure, to avoid the need to prep and anesthetize the patient a second time.

Electrophysiology (Ablation)
This is a treatment for arrhythmia using electrophysiology methods, carried out in the catheterization room under local anesthesia. The advantage of this treatment is the rapid repair of arrhythmia and return to normal activity.

The Heart Institute

Assuta Heart Institute
The Assuta Heart Institute offers cardiac consulting and diagnosis by the country’s leading cardiac specialists. All cardiac testing and diagnostic procedures are available at the institute, using state-of-the-art medical technologies, in addition to telemedicine capabilities, enabling long-distance consultations. Medical services include cardiac consulting for adults, such as general heart disease, heart murmurs, valve disease, arrhythmia clinic, and cardiac follow-up; cardiac consulting and follow up for children, and fetal echo-cardiogram; consulting for pregnant women with heart conditions; pre-operative assessment of patients; and cardiac check-ups for athletes. An extensive range of cardiac tests are performed at the institute, including ECG, Holter monitor, ergo-metric stress testing, echocardiography, angiogram and tilt test. In addition, cardiac CT and MRI are provided at Assuta’s imaging centers.